Please Note: What follows contains no shortcuts, quick fixes or B*** S***.

It requires focus, hard work and dedication to establish,

…but it’s worth it!

So, let me ask you a question…

“Would You Like the Opportunity to Work Just Three or Four Hours A Day from The Comfort of Your Own Home?”

…and STILL, generate 4 - 6 times the average wage?

Obviously, this is a rhetorical question, and something almost everyone wants.

So, before you ask, YES, achieving this is VERY POSSIBLE.

It’s also sustainable, scalable, and great fun.

I’ll share EVERYTHING that you need to know in this article.

BTW: You can also relax and leave your wallet at home, I’m not selling anything!

If I have your attention – let’s get serious!

For a small percentage of you who are PREPARED to get behind it, what follows will provide you with the lifestyle you have only dreamed about.

Hi, my name is Faith Pepper,

I’ve been running my modest little one-woman business from the comfort of my home since 2003:you can read my story here…

With the right attitude, you can establish your own WFH (work-from-home) profit stream quite quickly.

Certainly within a few months, and even working part time.

However, so there are NO misunderstandings, I would like to reiterate:

Establishing your own profit stream requires HARD WORK, although it gets much easier as you advance.

Definitely not for PUSSIES!

How I Generate My Income!

Let me give you an example of a WFH (work From Home) profit stream.


Most people would kill for a job like this.

I truly believe I have the World’s GREATEST job. In fact, I wouldn’t even call it a job.

To me, it’s more of a way of life.

One I can’t wait to start most mornings.


This is what I do:

I help individuals like you, solve and overcome the problems and challenges they are presently facing.

Challenges in a variety of different subjects and aspects of their life.

My daily work is so engaging and fulfilling.

As you’ll soon discover:

My main objective is to take you closer to achieving your dreams and aspirations in life.

I generate 90% of my income from AFFILIATE marketing, and I’ll tell you more about this latter.

This is just one of the THOUSANDS of ways of generating an excellent at home income.

There’ll be MANY which fit you like a well-made made to measure glove.

This is the one which suits me.

WFH (working from home) is one of the subjects on which I can speak with true passion and authority.

This is How it Works:

BTW: You didn’t arrive here by accident!

I attracted you.

You consciously clicked and followed a link which delivered you here.

The most likely reason you’re reading this this is that:

You’re interested in learning ways of improving your present lifestyle.

More specifically:

You want to create GREATER FREEDOM, free time and establish a lucrative INCOME STREAM to fuel your new way of life.

Who could blame you!

Today, you’re in luck!

This is exactly what this website is about, and is dedicated to helping you achieve, just that.

It’s the same route which I took 15 years ago.

For a small percentage of Forward-Looking individuals, what follows will be LIFE CHANGING!

Most people, for a variety of reasons, won’t be ready to take this journey.

But I’ll be here when they are ready.

Did you know:

Most Individuals with JOBS are resentful!

They feel trapped and that:

  • They’re giving too much of their life in return for too little remuneration?
  • That they would rather work at the development of their own dream, rather than someone else’s.

I know that’s how I felt when I had a job!

How about you?

I’ll provide you with a VERY PRACTICAL solution to escape yours in a while:

A job is a trap of your own choosing, that most people will never break from.

It’s an illusion:

They think it’s providing them with security, while in truth it is a goal, and they have a LIFE SENTENCE.

Although, it doesn’t have to be like this.

Your life is finite!

For that reason, trading your time for money is MADNESS!

It’s a learned habit.

Not a good one either, but business managers and owners who NEED a work force aren’t going to tell you this fact.

They make the rules, and if you want their job and WEAKLY (not a spelling mistake) WAGE, you have to abide by them.

The rules they set are VERY biased in their favour.

They own the game.

You’re just one of the players, pawns or minions.

As part of THEIR money-making machine, they would expect your job to generate AT LEAST 4 or 5 times your wage.

Perhaps much more!

This is how they generate profits:

They have the potential to make VAST and UNLIMITED fortunes.

  • Job = Fixed income potential
  • Entrepreneur = Unlimited income potential

By contrast, as an employee, your earning potential will ALWAYS be limited and have a low earnings ceiling.

Limited by the number of working hours in the day.


Our teachers encouraged and told us to work hard and we would get good jobs, just like most of our parents had.

Become model citizens.

It sounded good at the time.

It’s all our teachers in their teaching JOBS knew.

If only we had teachers who were entrepreneurs, things would probably be very different?

Holding a job is the status quo.

Trading your time for money is an inherited habit and behaviour.

A job is a quick way to earn money to buy some of the nice things in life!


The money trap snaps shut!

You’ll soon generate monthly financial commitments which usually get a little larger with every new moon.

This is what those who want to keep you in your place laughingly call JOB SECUTIRY!

If you want to live your life on your terms you’ll see job security as a hurdle which simply needs to be overcome.

I’ll be providing you with the solution as we progress.

Entrepreneur Training 101#

So, if you’re serious…

Really feel that you’re ready to start learning and making progress?

Then, this would be a great point to start making notes or bookmarks.

You’re about to discover a number of fundamental and costly WFH mistakes you need to be aware of in advance.

Avoidable mantraps that will stop you in your tracks.

You can NEVER become aware of these too early.

So, let’s begin by introducing you to the main ones:

“1#: Shysters and GRQ, Get Rich Quick Schemes!”

Whenever there is potential to generate a profit, the unscrupulous will begin to congregate.

These vultures are generally opportunists.

Their objective is to part you from your money as quickly as possible, and they’re good at it.

For that reason:

If ANYONE tells you establishing your own business or income stream is easy:

Immediately walk away, or better still; RUN!

You’re speaking to either:

  • A complete idiot!

Or, and more likely:

  • Someone with a GRQ (Get Rich Quick) product to sell!

Right now, you’re their target, and they will usually tell you anything to get you to open your wallet.

Be careful, the Internet is FULL of such modern-day highway men and women.

They set trip wires, incentives and carefully placed shinny objects to capture your interest and attention.

They know what you want, and how to trick you into purchasing from them.

These individuals place their income before integrity and can be extremely convincing.

Just remember:

If it sounds TOO GOOD to be true, then it PROBABLY IS!

Image Attribution…


Buyer beware:

I’m speaking from experience.

I’ve been caught by GRQ artists a number of times.

Their products or formulas NEVER work as described, and often never work at all.

Plus, they nearly always use grey or black hat principles which quickly become ineffective when Google becomes aware of them.

Worst of all, they disappoint, discourage and totally waste the time and energy of unwary customers who purchased in good faith.

My humble advice is to stay well away from them!

Practice is the Mother of Skill and Success!

Anyone can create their own successful WFH business if they have the determination to do so.

There are also a few EXCELLENT methods for making your success more certain.

I’ll tell you about these later.

Getting established is always the MOST DIFFICULT bit!


Breathing life into your own profit stream is fun and HIGHLY REWARDING work.

The good news is:

Generally, you only have to establish and optimise your new income stream just ONCE.

After that, they generally get much easier to run and operate.

In fact, it’s a bit like flying a plane:

A few years ago, I decided that I would like to learn to fly.

One of the first things I learned was that there is only one safe way to get a plane into the air.


During take-off, and while you climb to your desired altitude, you need to use FULL throttle.

Nothing less is safe.

However, once I reach 2,000 or 3,000 feet I can safely start to throttle back without losing height.

In fact, I can often throttle back to between half or three-quarter throttle and still maintain my altitude.

Starting a business is EXACTLY the same:

In the beginning, full power and 100% effort is required for your initial launch.

After you have gained momentum, and your business is humming with regular income landing into your bank account, then it’s safe to throttle back and you can start to take things a little easier.


Read my story…

The first three months I was working EVERY free moment I had available.

By my fourth or fifth month of business, I was only working an average of just six hours day.

The good times started to roll and I started to relax:

By year two, I had that down to just four hours a day and had tons of free time to spend with my kids.

Or, in any way that I wish!

BTW, I still fly recreationally for at least a couple of hours most weeks.

2#: Avoiding Distractions!

For those who decide on a WFH career, distractions will be your biggest challenges, and they HAVE to be overcome.

The simple solution is DISCIPLINE!

You need to develop rules, daily goals and deadlines that you adhere to and ALWAYS achieve!

Find ways of dealing with and avoiding EVERY DISTRACTION, making sure that they DON’T sap your time and energy again.

When it comes to bosses we all have mixed personal opinions of them.

However, I learned a lot from my boss, as she was a real ball breaker and got things DONE.

She kept her minions and those who were subservient firmly focused on the job at hand.

Not an easy task!

As a result, everyone despised her, but she wasn’t there to be popular. Her job was to achieve productivity which she did superbly.

She understood the process of organising and at every moment she knew what needed doing, and in what order.

She wouldn’t allow us to become distracted for more than a few minutes.

I’m mentioning this now for a good reason.

You’re ONLY distracted when you allow yourself to be so!

I USED to be the world’s worst at ALLOWING MYSELF to be distracted, especially when my children were really small.

That’s how it is with babies and toddlers.

As soon as we got our own home the solution became obvious.

I paid for someone to come in and look after them for 6 hours a day.

I was easily earning 5 times the wage I paid them, so it made complete financial sense.

At this point, I started to get lots more of my work and projects completed.

However, as my children grew they naturally thought they could wander into my little office for my attention at any time they wanted something.

This was a PROBLEM, as were the moms from school who thought they could drop in for a chat and a coffee at will.

Then there were those people trying to sell you things, or knock on your front door and try to convert you to their religion.

All of them wasted my time.

Just answering the door was a distraction as, afterwards, it required valuable time for me to become refocused again.

Decisive action was required.

I responded by:

  • Teaching my children mommy’s work time rules.
  • Never answering the door, (if it was important they would leave a message or call back).
  • ALWAYS putting my phone on silent answer mode.
  • Looking at and answering my emails would be the LAST task of the day.

It’s the same for all of us!

The time vampires and potential distractions are always going to be there and a part of your life.

Whether you allow them to distract you is YOUR CHOICE!

My main priority is providing a good standard of living and future for me and my children, so such rules are essential.

3#: Working in Isolation!

Working from home can be a double-edged sword.

I love it!

For some people, the lack of social interaction is a problem.

To them, human contact is as important as the air they breathe.

Fortunately, I am not one of those individuals.

To me, one of the big benefits of having my own WFH business is working the hours which SUIT ME as well as the options to work from WHERE EVER I want.

I generally rise early and work in the mornings.

This suits me and my lifestyle best.

However, there are times when I don’t sleep well, and then I generally get up and work for a few hours until I become tired and return to bed.

This usually fixes the problem for me.

I also love with a passion pottering in my little garden and sitting in the sun, generally reading.

So, I work ahead of myself and work extra hours when it’s raining so I can take time off when its sunny and warm.

It’s a PERFECT solution.

I do however get CABIN FEVER! (The need for a change of environment!)

Although I have a comfortable little office, I sometimes need to alter and modify the view.

This dramatically improves my creativity, level of productivity and love of my work.

Now my children are older, I can leave the house to work. I am fortunate enough to be just 5 minutes from the country side and I often work in my car.

Please don’t laugh until you’ve tried it.

This is the photo I took with my phone on the afternoon of Sunday the 7th of October as I wrote this article.

My children are away until 6:00 pm so my time is my own.

I’m working on my laptop and getting so much completed.

When it’s nice I work from my car for a few hours most days.

BTW: I really enjoy my work so much that I’m happy to work at the weekends, and even while I’m on holiday for a few hours each day, in fact, I prefer to.

10 minutes ago, I was chatting face-to-face with my friend Dany in Israel. I have developed friends all around the globe and I stop for a short coffee break chat most days.

So long as your disciplined and don’t waste too much time in idle gossip, Skype is a wonderful communication tool which can broaden your friendship circle.

As I have already mentioned there are MANY ways of generating a WFH profit stream.

So, let’s begin exploring a few of them.

“You Would be Amazed at the Wide Variety and Types of Small WFH Businesses You Could Establish, especially if you Start Thinking Outside the Box!”

Below are the 3 MAIN types of opportunities!

1#: Working for Others!

If you want to start in the WFH shallow end, there are lots of opportunities where you can apply your talents immediately.

Or, even develop specific skills which others want to purchase.

Just type: the keyword phrase ‘work from home jobs’ or similar in to Google and it will begin returning potential immediately.

However, if you have specific talents that you want to offer, or develop, you should visit:

It used to be known as Elance-oDesk and is a platform to showcase your digital freelance services.

Rather than repeating what’s written on their site, you should visit and have a browse around and you’ll immediately see the potential.

There are many HIGHLY PROFESSIONAL services offered with price tickets to match.

I know two people who generate pretty much 100% of their incomes via Upwork, and believe me when I say that they are NOT working for peanuts.

So, if you have a salable skill, Upwork would be a good starting point.

Check it out.

Even Greater Potential!

The reason I make this claim is that I know MANY people who generate CONSISTENT part- or full-time incomes from this service.

The service I’m referring to is:

BTW: this doesn’t mean that every job pays only $5, that’s just the minimum.

Some individuals, as you can see, offer services, or gigs as they call them, that cost THOUSANDS of dollars.

Let me give you a couple of examples:

These will be two friends who work exclusively from Fiverr referrals.



He sells quality Google property backlinks (for now, don’t worry if you don’t understand what this means).

All you need to understand is he offers a good quality service which is in high demand.

More importantly, he has developed a good reputation.

He sells his service for between $25 – $100 per gig and generates an average of $4500 net income each and every month.

I’m sure you’ll agree that’s not a bad income.

It gets even better when you learn that it takes him no longer than four hours a month to achieve this.


All Steve does is oversees everything and does a little banking.

Right now, he is in the final year of completing his Ph.D. at University.

He achieves this by using some automated software which he runs 24/7 on 3 VPS’s (Virtual Privat Servers).

The actual work is done for him by his two full time VA’s (virtual assistants) who live in the Philippines.

One does the technical work, and the other integrates with his many customers and keeps them happy.

Most of his customers use his services regularly.

For this reason, he is almost at capacity, and he is thinking of doubling the size of his work force and getting 3 more VPS’s.



As well as being a mom, Janet has been an actress and small-part TV and film extra for many years.

A few years ago, she started to get a lot more work doing voice-overs for commercials, etc.

This gave the idea of creating short speaking head videos for companies.

Quite quickly, websites owners started contacting her which was a welcome stream of income she hadn’t anticipated.

She capitalised on this, and since then has gone from strength to strength.

Last year she invested in a new video camera, lighting, a green screen background, and teleprompter.

Most of the time one end of her dining room doubles as her GREEN SCREEN video studio.

She is now working for some big-name companies and has created for herself a 6-figure WFH income.

I hope that this has made you realise that true financial potential is NOT far away.

2#: Providing a Service.

The services which could be provided are only limited by your own imagination.

Just look around and you’ll soon have a list with dozens if not hundreds of ideas.

Faced with redundancy, another friend Jill, started a made-to-order and delivered-to-your-home, or business florist service.

What a great and UNUSUAL idea!

Rather than having a high street shop, she works out of her garage and her shopfront is a website.

She started promoting herself and very quickly became EXCEPTIONALLY busy.

The following year they had to add another large garage because business had become that good.

She had simply eliminated the high overheads of leasing a shop, and rather than waiting for the potential custom to come to her, she went out and found them.

You could do the same.

This type of service is still trading time for money, unless of course, you get others to work for you.

However, she needed an income and decided to do something which she already knew, which is smart thinking.

So, use this as inspiration, what ideas could you come up with?

3#: Residual Income Streams!

Set it up once, get paid unlimited times!

Now there are MANY WAYS of establishing income streams that will go on paying you for years to come whether you work or not.

I’ll tell you how to find more ways later.

This is just my particular specialty.

I find a specific market of people that have a problem and I provide them with solutions right up front.

I’m not selling anything, and I make this fact perfectly clear from the outset.

If anyone becomes really interested in working from home, then I give them the opportunity to get more advanced information by adding their name to my mailing list.

This is where I provide the richest help and most valuable advice.

My objective is to build a trusting relationship and learn as much about their needs as I can.

I have learned that if someone is interested in THIS, then they’ll probably also be interested in THAT.

This allows me to keep providing them with value and then my subscribers will stay with me for years.

So how do I generate my income?

Some of the solutions I provide I am an affiliate for, which often means my customers always get these solutions at the best cost.

At the same time, if they purchase, I get credited with a commission.

5 Simple Rules for Ongoing WFH Success.

I’m often asked what are the secrets to become a WFH success, and the answers are simple and easy enough for anyone to achieve:

1#: Develop a PASSION for what you do!

Passion and enthusiasm are what makes the difference between a FIRST- and second-or third-rate business or service.

If you don’t have enthusiasm and TRUE PASSION for what you do then it’s going to show.

Anyone can go through the motions and take all of the correct actions, but without the devotion and zeal, your efforts will seem forced and stilted.

If you can’t become passionate about what it is you’re doing, then find something else which you can.

Or, stick with a job.

The equation is a simple one:

“Find a man a job he loves and he’ll never work another day in his life!”

This one point is so important, and a HUGE ingredient in becoming happy and contented.

2#: ALWAYS Put Your Customers First!

If generating profits tomorrow was my main priority, I could recommend solutions that paid me the highest commission.

However, as already mentioned at the beginning of this article:

I see my job as providing viable solutions to problems and taking individuals like you closer to achieving their dreams.

For that reason, I only suggest the best solutions which I am familiar with and 100% certain of.

If I recommend it, then it’s already a tried, tested and proven winner.

I pride myself on the fact that many of my email subscribers stay with me for YEARS.

I treat them as close friends.

As a result, I get 70% email open rates or higher, and TONS of feedback, social media shares, and comments.

Always put your customers’ needs first, and you’ll also get similar results.

3#: Think Outside the Box!

Avoid playing follow the leader.

Aim to be unique, and offer the best service.

Business, especially a WFH business, is about adapting to offer the market what it wants.

The more aligned you can be with the needs of your target market, the more successful you are likely to be.

This often means things don’t fit as you hoped or expected and you have to engineer a solution.

Actually, finding a way forward is both creative and rewarding.

In fact, there are ALWAYS many ways.

Ask yourself lots of WHAT IF questions, and then test these with your prospects.

You’ll be in for some profitable surprises.

4#: Do it Better!

Making your product or service better or even the best available is really not that difficult.

Just constantly work at improving it.

Survey and ask your customers, they’ll give some great ideas, and at the same time, you’ll convert them into raving fans.

MOST of your competition will fail miserably to constantly UPGRADE their service.

They tend to set it and forget it.

This will be your advantage.

5#: Make it Fun!

Some companies just don’t get it!

They make their selling processes about as exciting as watching paint dry. Especially when they make the entire process automated.

All things being equal, your customers will prefer purchasing from another human rather than a computerised process!

This is particularly true with smaller businesses.

The expectation of a personal service may be the very reason they came to you.

Just remember we are a social species, and generally, we enjoy human interaction.

Your customers and prospects will buy from the people they like the most.

The ones who are most helpful and friendly.

Read those two sentences again, in fact, a few times!

The ones who make the process the most fun.

So, at every opportunity let them get to know you a little more.

Write an about you page and be human.

It doesn’t have to be your life story, just the interesting bits.

To prove this works:

Sometimes I share snippets from my life in my emails, funny happenings, moans and groans, a stupid thing I or my kids have done, etc.

Now get this:

A few years ago, I noticed I was receiving FAR MORE engagements and comments from these emails, than any of the others.


From this knowledge, I changed my writing style and immediately started to get FAR HIGHER email open rates, link click etc.

Whenever possible make your business personal, make it fun.

Creating Raving Fans!

Following on from the previous heading.

At first, I wasn’t sure if this section was a bit premature to share with you.

Then, after a little consideration I concluded:

If you’re seriously considering starting your own WFH venture, this has HUGE VALUE and must be included.

It’s one of the little actions that make the BIG difference in profitability.

You’re already familiar with this business as I have mentioned her floristry business above.

Jill was a top performing sales woman for a major car franchise, but her branch suddenly went out of business.

Before they closed Jill was always busy and unlike the other sales people, she ALWAYS had past or new clients with her.

Lurking the cold and drafty forecourts for custom was not her way, and no one could understand WHY she was so busy.

Every car franchise in the area immediately offered her a job, they were all ready to fight over her.

Jill, however, was ready for a change.

She had long wanted to be her own boss and had long been considering this possibility.

So keen was she that she didn’t have a moment to waste and asked me and two mutual friends if we could help her set up her new business so she could get started quickly.

It was an honor to be asked, and a pleasure to help this lovely girl in this time of need.

Within a few days, everything was ready and she went out prospecting potential business.

The following week even though I knew that she was flat out busy, I found a beautiful handmade paper envelope waiting for me in my letter box.

The hand writing was as beautiful as the message, and I immediately knew it was from Jill.

I had received similar letters when I purchased a car from her, on my birthdays and one time when she learned I wasn’t well.

She was a wonderful writer; her sentiments were personal and from the heart and very meaningful.

So eloquent in fact, that I soon learned that both the other friends felt the same about the similar letters she had sent them also.

We were all impressed by this small personal gift that you couldn’t put a price on.

It seemed that personal handwritten letters were her thing!

As luck would have it, over the following few months I came across a couple of Jill’s new, and now regular customers.

They were full of praise for her.

One told me that she loved dealing with Jill although she certainly wasn’t cheapest, far from it, although, her service was superb.

She concluded by saying that she always sends you a lovely note!

That sounded familiar:

Nine months later I was invited around to Jill’s for a meal, and when I arrived Jill was just finishing a few letters like the ones I had received.

I just had to ask:

How many of those do you send out I asked?

“Every time a customer purchases, it’s their birthday or a notable event happens in their life,” she replied, “I write one.”

What a simple and EFFECTIVE technique for making friends and retaining customers!

How did you learn this technique I asked?

“By complete accident,” was her reply.

I started sending letters when I first began selling cars because it seemed like plain good manners.

Then I began realising how much more my little letters meant to customers and friends, so I stayed with it.

It’s hard to believe:

This was how she had become and stayed the top selling saleswoman for so many years.

I asked about her new flower business.

Jill was already generating twice her gross salary from her business which was set to double again in the next 12 months.

All from writing ‘thank you’ letters!


How many others have you seen doing this?

I have never met ONE!

The fact is, Jill, although more expensive was perceived as providing a SUPERB service.

By taking the time to hand write the little letters she was perceived as delivering the best service in the area.

Generally, people never mind paying a little more for that type of service.

Dwell on this fact!

How could you include SUPERB SERVICE as part of your venture?

Now for the stuff!

How Much Does Getting Started Cost?

I’ll share all this with you very soon.


You may be surprised to discover…

With a little creative thinking, you can start your WFH venture on NO budget at all.

I used to think that this was an advantage.

I was WRONG!

I realised it was more of a hindrance.

Starting with NO BUDGET could, and generally does dramatically affected the ROI!

ROI is short for (return on investment).

Your investment.

How long it takes you to get your money back, and start making real job replacement income, and livable profits.

What I soon discovered from personal experience, as well as observing from others around me was this:

Those who started with no budget took FAR LONGER (not days, but months and YEARS!) to begin generating profit than those who had invested in themselves and their future!!!

Some never make ANY profit!

Please read that again.   

It’s only natural that every individual wants to get their investment back ASAP.

This fact alone forces them into taking ongoing positive action until they have done so.

By that time, making it happen has become a habit, and this is how it should be.

By complete contrast:

Those individuals who started without a budget have NOTHING to lose.

The fear of financial loss is a powerful stimulant to take immediate and ongoing action.

As a result, they are FAR LESS motivated to get started or stay with it.

Most procrastinate, delay and dawdle, as a result slowly stagnate, and never to try again.

What a WASTE of opportunity!

Have you heard the old and wise saying?

“Anything you get for nothing, you put a NOTHING VALUE on!”

This is SO true, and one of the wisest pieces of WFH information on this page.

Cheap and FREE sound good.


In fact, they should carry a government health warning!

They’re FALSE ECONOMY and the fastest way to sabotage your hopes, aspirations, and ambitions!

In truth, they TYPICALLY end up costing you a SMALL FORTUNE in lost production, and ongoing future profits.

Future profits which would have upgraded your lifestyle, your dreams, and desires.

They carry the potential to destroy your BIG opportunity in life completely.

I have seen EXACTLY THIS happen so many times.

Strong individuals with the mental strength and determination to really make things happen.

Those who possess the enthusiasm to positively and permanently improve their lives.

They start out with great intentions, then:

Never get off the starting blocks.


The culprit comes down to the LACK of just one thing:


FREE, doesn’t carry the motivating pain of loss, the result being:

  • Lack of momentum
  • Lack of urgency
  • Lack of action

That wouldn’t happen to me!


If I had 10p for every person I have heard make that SAME CLAIM, I could treat my family to a luxury Mediterranean cruise.

Not ONE of them was successful!

Enough said.

The Formula for WFH success!

These are the same guidelines and the formula that’s used by EVERY INDIVIDUAL I know who operates a financially successful WFH profit stream.

Without exception!

For that reason, you should NEVER be afraid to invest in yourself, your future and income generating ability!

It’s the wisest investment you’ll ever make into your future comfort and security, just so long as you use it.

The discomfort of losing money is a great motivator, it’s what will make you take daily action until it becomes a habit.

Every growth investment I have made has repaid me hundreds and thousands of times over.

Read that bit again!

It will for you also, if you make WISE GROWTH invests, I’ll tell you more shortly.


You can NEVER learn too much.

No one has ever died from an overdose of knowledge.

In fact, the more you learn, the more you also earn, there is a direct correlation!

Every day I learn something new from my mentors (yes, I still have them) and groups of like-minded individuals who’re scattered around the world.

We are all on the very same journey and freely help and share with each other.

Through secure private chat groups, we learn so much from one others experiences, experiments, and tests.

These have become valuable friends to chat to when I need help and inspiration, and I’m always glad to reciprocate.

TEAM is just an acronym for Together Everyone Achieves More!

Mentors and Groups who Develop Your POTENTIAL!

Can you imagine having access to a pool of money-making knowledge you can FREELY drink from?

The ability to get specific answers to help your financial progress on a constant basis.

This is the type of investment into yourself I am promoting you make.

They’ll provide you with amazing ONGOING POTENTIAL and guidance.

I’ll tell you a lot more shortly.

Let me give you an example.

A few months ago, I was in my favorite group.

While reading one of the threads of thought I have been participating in, a VERY PROFITABLE discovery was made.

SUDDENLY, there it was, BOOM!

The solution and improvement for a challenge many of us have been experiencing were found.

This was a game changer and immediately increased my profitability by a BIG sum.

Enough additional profit to pay my mentors and group membership fees for the next TEN YEARS!

This is NOT an isolated incident.

FAILURE to be a member of such groups would be a costly mistake. The ROI (my return on invest) is RAPID and ONGOING!

I learn something new most days.

Usually, just a new tip, improvement or adjustment borrowed from tests someone has been conducting.

These are just micro improvements, but like lots of little steps, they soon become a complete journey.

These small ongoing improvements all CONSTANTLY improve my levels of productivity and keep me at the cutting edge.

Occasionally, however, the group learning increases profitability a LOT.

Cost is NOT an Issue!

It’s the worry of loss which is a problem.

Remember, this worry and concern is also your best friend, and what will make you take ongoing action to recover your investment ASAP.

Embrace this fact!

If you really want to establish your own financially lucrative business, you can use this certainty to your advantage.

How much really doesn’t matter.

Just so long as you know you’ll get it back and then generate a LOT more.

From this perspective, the more cost and more painful it feels, the better.

You Have What It Takes!

How do I know?

Simple, you’ve been carefully filtered!

By reading this far, 6,000 plus words, you have highlighted yourself as an EXCELLENT candidate for WFH success.

That you REALLY want it, and that you have the persistence to make it work.

Compared to a traditional brick and mortar businesses the cost of setting up a WFH income stream is minuscule!

A small fraction of the cost.

Yet the potential returns and profits you can generate can be the same or MUCH MUCH more without the overhead!

Get Started Part-Time!

Don’t give up your job, not yet, not until your new money stream replaces your income.

Mastering something new can have a steep learning curve, but it’s fun and interesting rather than being difficult.

At first, it will seem as you never have enough time and everything is moving too slowly.

Learning something new is often like that, and takes as long as it takes.

Then suddenly you’re through it, you understand what you’re doing and start making progress and the pennies start rolling in.

The first time you learn and master this type of new process can be slow, the second run you’ll make in half the time.

There is NO BETTER feeling in the world!

Then magic starts to happen, and now what initially took you weeks now takes hours.

But only if you take action with this information:

It’s almost time to make your decision!

Every day it takes you to get started, you will continue to lose additional potential income…

Profits which could be sitting in your bank account or used to repay your mortgage.

Ongoing income that will help you to live life on your terms, and help you begin enjoying a few of the luxuries of life.

I congratulate you on getting this far. Out of every hundred who begin reading only 4 or 5 get to this point.

You are a true warrior, one of those rare individuals who possess the stamina and interest to make things happen.

But will you?

I would be glad to help you further, and from this point forward it gets really serious.

If you are hungry for more and to discover the EXACT path to getting started, you’re welcome to request an invite by clicking the below button.

There is something you should be aware of – the longer it takes you to get started, the less likely you will be to EVER get started at all.

If you’re really keen you should begin immediately.

I have already shared enough knowledge to help you make a positive life changing decision, and there is more to come.

I saved the best for last.

If you have any questions that I have left unanswered I invite you to ask them now.

I’ll be glad to answer them for you.