The Can’t Fail Technique Especially for People Who Can’t Write.

I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say:

Many individuals, and you may be one of them, have traditionally found writing online both challenging and frustrating.

Things have changed!

Writing and composing compelling copy that others want to read is now 93.3% easier than it was just 7 years ago.

Especially using the time-saving solution I’m about to reveal.

In this post, you will discover a simple solution.

How to compose high quality written copy, (without writing or typing).

It’ll appear on your page faster than you ever dreamed possible.

Anyone, including you, will quickly benefit from this technique:

The Secret to Becoming a Good Writer!

Now you have exactly the same, if not more potential than expert typists.

You’re about to discover how to level the playing field with those possessing envied writing skills.

Within hours you’ll be effectively churning out pages of quality words and creative copy.

Below is how I discovered this solution:

Generate an Income from Writing!

I had a desperate need for an income!

So, with a small child and a baby, I decided I would begin working from home.

Quite quickly I could see the financial potential.

However, like most new ventures there were a few obstacles which had to be overcome.

For me, the one HUGE obstacle was writing.

The Challenge was I Couldn’t Write.

My problem was discovered when I was a small girl:

While at primary school I was sent to see a child learning specialist.

She rapidly diagnosed that I suffered from PROFOUND dyslexia and severe word blindness.


I always wanted to write and express myself through words, but at that point couldn’t.

I would try to write first on paper.

Later, on the computer, and very little would appear.

However, I could speak well, explain myself and confidently hold conversations.

Luckily for me, (as you’ll soon discover) my mom was a stop-at-home typist.

Every few days she would have dropped off at home a handful of mini-cassette tapes.

These contained her work; hours and hours of it.

She would convert the spoken word into computerised copy and letters etc.

The Solution was about to be discovered!

One day, Mr. Armstrong-Sly, the nice man (a quantity surveyor) who mom worked for did a little last-minute dictating at our home.

He was always in a hurry.

On this fortunate occasion, he accidentally left his dictaphone behind.

Being an inquisitive child, of course, I had a little play with it.

It was only then, I made an interesting discovery.

As I replayed my recordings, I became aware I had no fear of speaking into a recorder.

Not only that, I could dictate my stories almost like an expert.

My Possibilities Became Clear!

My mom (the dear) recognising this fact also.

She saw the possibilities, then turned them into words and printed them out for me.

Suddenly, I had a means of doing my homework and keeping up with the rest of the class.

So, my own dictaphone was acquired.

More accurately, it was donated by my mom nice boss!

That’s how I initially overcame my literacy challenge.

That’s my story:

You’re About to See Your Potential Unfold!

Whatever the problem or challenge:

There is ALWAYS a way.

In fact, there are always MANY ways!

So NEVER give up.

Another, even better solution was about to present itself.

This is the one which will be a gamechanger for you:

I didn’t like being reliant on my mom and using her as my secretary.

Being reliant upon her didn’t sit easily with me.

When the Pupil is Ready the Teacher Will Appear!

…are you ready?

One evening, my sister, who we were living with arrived home.

She was wearing a HUGE grin and carried a bag with something inside.

“This will solve your problems,” she said with pride and she handed me the small bag.

She wasn’t kidding!

I removed a box with the wording ‘Dragon Voice-Activated Software” printed upon it!


This was an early version of this revolutionary software.

Not a patch on just how good later versions of this amazing tool has become.

Now it is so much faster and reliable.

95% out of the box accurate.

I Released This Powerful Gene From its Prison!

Installing Dragon on my computer only took a few minutes.

However, training it to recognise my voice took much longer.

Although, it soon proved to be worth the effort:

To me, this technology equated to freedom.

I played with it all evening and became proficient.

I quickly converting the spoken word into screen copy, it was a good day.

Today’s versions don’t require training.

So, you can start dictating with it straight out of the box and watch your spoken text appear on the screen like magic.

It Provided me the Means to Generate a Living!

Plus, I would be no longer reliant on my mom for help.

So, let’s fast-forward to today!

I now use dragon v14 which it truly wonderful.

Without a doubt one of the best investments I have ever made.

It’s exceptionally fast and VERY RARELY makes a spelling error.

When this happens it’s easy to fix.

I make a quick adjustment and that mistake is never made again.

Speed Always Stuns!

When I’m clear on what I’m writing I become super-efficient, you will also!

The speed of this software is quite amazing, so you can compose probably perhaps 10 or 20 times faster than even an expert copy-typist.

Long documents become easy to create so you can produce quality documents of 10,000 words plus in as little as a few hours.

Can it Get Any Better?

It already has!

I later invested in an inexpensive dedicated digital Dictaphone.

This I used to record notes, email, projects, or just my thoughts while I was out.

Some days, after my children have gone to school, I walk along the beach for both pleasure and exercise.

This is the very time when I am at my most productive as thoughts and ideas fill my head and I instantly capture them.

I can dictate THOUSANDS of words as I enjoy my exercise.

So, can you, and then when I get home I plug them into Dragon and watch the recordings instantly turn into written and very usable copy.

More recently, dragon everywhere was introduced.

This is about as close to perfection as I think it can get.

I now dictate onto an app on my phone, and when I return home my dictated copy is already processed and waiting for me.

Can you see the potential?

I hope so because it’s HUGE and a true GAME CHANGER!

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Never Let NOT Knowing How - Stop You From Finding a Way!

It’s Easy to Master!

You will soon be a polished and talented user, especially of spoken punctuation.

If you get it wrong, you use voice-activated commands to correct your text.

See it working.

Below is a short video my friend Kevin recorded where you will see just how effective this software really is.

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The Balls in Your Court!

Everything you attempt will always result in one of two things: results or excuses!

The choice of which will always be yours.

So now you will never again be able to say you can’t write.

Because with dragon YOU CAN!

There is no excuse.

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Why do you want to write?

Even though presumption is a bad habit…

I presume because you have arrived at this website you have a keen interest in establishing your own work from home business?

If so:

Almost EVERYTHING starts with words:

That’s the importance of writing.

In life, you will need to write.

This is why voice activate software is so important.

Such a wise investment for speed and efficiency.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

For me investing into Dragon NaturallySpeaking was a no-brainer decision.

Suffering from severe word blindness:

Until that point, I was totally reliant upon my mother to convert my audio cassette recordings into usable computerised text for me.

The voice-activated software made it possible for me to generate a living from my computer, and from mainly writing.

Without Dragon NaturallySpeaking, I’m not too sure what career path I would be following today.

Probably not one from the comfortable work from home lifestyle I presently enjoy.

The return on my investment for me was virtually instant. I had generated several times the full cost of Dragon in net income before the end of the first week.

I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Simple answer no!

When I first started using Dragon NaturallySpeaking I had a small learning curve to overcome, but actually, right from the start, I was getting good results.

Not as good as today though, now I am using version 14!

It’s not a difficult piece of software to use at all. In the past, it had to be trained, but now that doesn’t seem to be necessary.

The only real challenge I faced was keeping the microphone at a steady distance. When I realise this was an important factor I overcame the problem quite quickly.

I suppose this will very much depend upon what package you purchased, and how many computers your particular copy is licensed for.

My original license goes back many years and occasionally I upgrade to the next version.

My present license allows me to install the software on two computers. My desktop in my home office. Also on my laptop for when I’m working in my car such as today.

There have also been occasions when I’ve upgraded computers and putting it on an additional computer before wiping his predecessor’s memory has never caused a problem.

Decide upon your requirements and then check this against the packages that Nuance offer.

I am using Dragon professional individual v14, and I believe this probably has a few more features than some versions.

Probably, allowing me to transcribe recordings from my Dictaphone, but I can’t be certain of this so check the package details before you purchase.

Again you should check on the package that you are purchasing. However, I didn’t get on well using a headset.

Perhaps you will!

I think the technical reason for this was that my voice tends to whistle and pop a lot. Or, perhaps, it was simply too close to the microphone to deliver consistently good results.

I soon transferred to using a desk mounted microphone, and feel that provided me with better results.

However, more recently, my desk-mounted microphone ceased to work.

I was forced to use the Logitech microphone on my video camera, and guess what? It seems to work just as well as my desk-mounted microphone ever did.

So if you have a microphone on your video camera compare that to the results a headset offers you.

Right now, as I am speaking this text it’s appearing directly in Microsoft Word which is very definitely compatible with Dragon.

I also find it compatible with my MindJet mind mapping software, and a few other programs also.

However, there are a few programs which it doesn’t like to dictate into, but this is not going to be a problem.

You see, in addition to working with many programs directly. Dragon NaturallySpeaking provides you with DragonPad, which is basically a simple text notepad.

You can either save these as a text file, or, you can copy and paste your dictated copy directly into any program you wish.

It also comes with dragon box, which as the name implies is a text box you dictate into, and then with the click of a button transfer the text into any program you desire.


Right now Dragon NaturallySpeaking is currently on V15 and I believe that V16 will be out in the not too distant future.

Newer versions I imagine will certainly allow you to dictate directly into many more software programs. Dragon just keeps getting better and better.

Sometimes I use a word which is new to Dragon’s vocabulary.

Actually, it can be quite entertaining when it happens, because Dragon then tries to guess what word you are attempting to use.

It really can come out with some interesting and quite hilarious alternatives!

However, when this happens, I simply type in the new word and then train it. This takes just 30 seconds or so to achieve. Generally, once the new word is learned it will never challenge it again.

At this point I have been using the same user file for 4 or 5 years, and only occasionally does Dragon ever challenge anything that I say.

When my children are playing their music or television to loudly it doesn’t seem to interfere with Dragon NaturallySpeaking at all.

However, it disturbs me, and I find background sounds very difficult to deal with when trying to dictate.

Right now, as I record this, I am sitting in my car in a field. No, I’m not mad. Well, I don’t think so anyway. I just enjoy finding a nice location and working on my laptop.

It’s one of the benefits of working from home, or on this occasion, my car.

The reason for telling you this is that the wind was blowing in on me when I first started recording. Being summer, and very warm, it was very enjoyable and quite refreshing.

However, it did seem to make recording really difficult. I have noticed this before, so, background noise is not so much a problem, as background wind noise.

I hope this all makes sense?

Of course!

I certainly do, if you didn’t know it already the majority of my income is generated from email marketing.

However, I tend to use word to record my emails and email sequences.

Then I transfer them to my ESP, that’s my email service provider when they completed. I prepare and double check everything first and then set up my autoresponder.

On my computers, I tend to use Gmail, and with the use of DragonBox, you can dictate directly into Gmail.

It’s amazing how much time dictating email can save you.

With earlier versions of Dragon NaturallySpeaking, this was certainly a very frustrating problem.

Coughs, sneezes and blocked noses didn’t traditionally get on well with voice-activated software.

However, and once again, the newer versions of Dragon seem to have got so much better and this is much less of a problem than it ever was before.

For instance: my son sometimes uses my computer and Dragon NaturallySpeaking without changing to his user file.

I don’t like him doing this, and would prefer that he used his own user file. There again, and for saying that, he never seems to have a problem and can dictate at approximately the same level of accuracy as I.

I can’t be 100% sure of this is one.

With my dedicated Dragon dictaphone, I have a rather unusual interface leading to a USB plug.

I substituted another dictaphone that I had with a quarter-inch jack socket and purchase the socket to USB and found it worked perfectly well.

Another dictaphone wouldn’t work at all.

But that’s all in the past!

Now you have Dragon everywhere which is an app that you download to your smartphone and integrate with your computer.

This is truly wonderful, I use my Bluetooth microphone to dictate directly onto my smartphone app, which sends the file directly back to my computer and automatically processes it.

This means, when you return home, your completed text, sometimes many pages of it, is waiting patiently for your return.


The more you use and become familiar with DragonDictate, obviously, the better you will become at using it.

When I am dictating longer copy such as this article which I’m dictating right now, I start with a little planning.

I use Dragon to dictate all of the big chunks directly into MindJet, a mind mapping software tool I enjoy using.

I will work out all of the big chunks, I suppose you would call these sections. Then I would fill in the smaller chunks, or information I want to use.

Then I would arrange it all in a very logical order ready for dictation.

I then import that directly into Microsoft Word where it appears as bullet points.

Once that is completed, I simply write a few paragraphs or as much as needed to explain each bullet point in my list.

Using this technique I can write 1,000’s of word articles in a very short space of time.

In fact, I’m almost finished with this article in just 90 minutes or so.

I believe so!

I have never been so ambitious, and generally, stick to using Dragon NaturallySpeaking for dictating my copy.

Occasionally, it obviously misunderstands something I have said and opens a program.

I’m not sure why this happens, but recently I saw a video of someone training a disabled individual in using Dragon to operate their computer.

He didn’t have arms and was using Dragon for every function. So to answer the original question, yes, I believe you can use Dragon to navigate your computer and operate most of your software for you.

I suppose there is a number of ways in which you can do this.

The first and most obvious is to install a copy on your laptop computer.

However, failing that invest into a digital dictaphone or even Dragon anywhere.

This will allow you to use Dragon all of the time you’re away from home or your computer.

Not exactly!

As you will have already read, I tend to dictate long-copy from bullet point reminders.

Working in this way I tend to write no more than 2 to 10 paragraphs at a time.

I then stop and save my work which is a good practice to adopt.

I also tend to read my copy, and this is where I pick up the occasional mistake or misunderstanding and immediately correct it.

The reason for this is that I hate to spend long periods of time editing.

I prefer to correct at most a page of text to my satisfaction. Then move on to dictating the next bullet point.

This is purely personal preference.

Sometimes my mum who was a professional copy typist comes round while I’m working.

She finds watching me were quite fascinating, especially when I’m dictating long copy such as today.

She has mentioned many times that she couldn’t type at even a fraction of the speed at which I’m dictating. Even if she had an idea of what she should be writing.

For that reason, I think it would be fair to say if you combined the planning and dictation process, overall I could be working 10 times faster than someone who could type similar copy manually, perhaps more.

No, I tend to upgrade every other version.

Right now Dragon is at v15, which when I checked wasn’t very different to the version v14 I’m presently using.

However, I have been told the version v16 which is likely to be out shortly is a major upgrade.

Then I will definitely upgrade to the next version.