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Below are the Software and Tools Which Will Make WFH Far Easier, as well as More Fun!

Compared to traditional brick and mortar businesses, establishing and running an online enterprise from the comfort of your own home is amazingly INEXPENSIVE!

Also, to make our job easier and more effective, there is a whole arsenal of tools and software which can quickly be set up to automate the running of much of our business.

This is what this page is about.

These tools have the ability to serve and help literally hundreds or even THOUSANDS of interested prospects all at the same time.

They’ll do the work of DOZENS of highly trained assistants without ever getting tired, taking sick leave, needing a break, or a holiday, or EVER asking for a pay rise!

Your speed and efficiency will stun prospects and help to build a trusting relationship.

Below is The Software That I Use:

Anyone can be a disorganised idiot!

However, and by contrast, if you want to develop a profitable business that gives you loads of free time and NO stress?

Then this page will be an IMPORTANT one for you!

Every day as I surfed the net, I come across new information, ideas and concepts, that holds potential value!

I am constantly researching and coming across similar ideas which I know will benefit me and my audience in some future project or article etc.

Such ideas MUST be recorded.

Storing my thoughts and ideas was always more of a problem until I started to use my favorite piece of software: Evernote.

With this amazingly simple digital storage application, I maintain dozens of online notebooks which in turn contain dozens or even hundreds of notes in each, all with unique titles and tags for easy retrieval.

This means that I can find and instantly retrieve any note, thought or idea at will, and immediately the moment I need it.

Using the additional Evernote clipping tool which fits in the browser toolbar I can grab pages, clippings and make notes and links to articles and drop them directly into the notebook of my choice.

It’s a SUPER POWERFUL application!

Right now, Evernote is free.

However, for a small fee, you can make yours integrate with EVERY online application that you own and use. I can access my Evernote from any desktop computer, my laptop, tablet, as well as my phone.

It is such a convenient tool, click here to check it out…                                                  

I learned the following lesson the hard way!

There is nothing worse than losing or overwriting your valuable work which has taken you hours to complete.

I love my work, but I HATE with a PASSION doing the same thing twice.

I could write a short book on the disappointments such occasional mistakes have caused me until I started to use online cloud storage.

Now, I can work from my home computer, my laptop from any location, as well as my iPad tablet and sometimes even my smartphone without EVER losing or overwriting ANYTHING.

I can instantly access any files and work on them from wherever I am in the world without loss or the fear of overwriting.

The tool I use is called Dropbox, I’m sure you’ve heard of it!

Once again, they have a free application, although I use their plus plan which provides me with 1 TB of storage and once again is VERY inexpensive.

This seems to be plenty large enough for my requirements.

Click here to check Dropbox out for yourself…

Don’t be frightened of it, because if you practice a little each day, you’ll soon become a far better writer than you ever imagined was possible.

BTW: be warned, writing is HIGHLY ADDICTIVE, and it will soon become more creative fun than you would ever believe.

Good creative copy is also one of the most IMPORTANT SKILLS and requirements for running a successful and profitable online business.

The better you can write, the GREATER the income you will generate as there is a direct correlation between the two.

What follows are the tools which I use on an almost daily basis.

What a coincidence.

Neither can I, so I DON’T.

Although I am quite articulate, for me writing has always been both a challenge and a problem.

However, there always a solution, in fact, there are MANY ways around the problems and challenges which present themselves in life.

Right now, I am speaking out loud the text which you are reading.

I’m using voice-activated software which is now so advanced and reliable that anyone can use it, even a child.

I’m sitting comfortably in my little spare bedroom office at 7 am on Christmas eve speaking into a microphone and looking at the screen as the words instantly appear.

This software allows me to write THOUSANDS OF WORDS each and every hour I decide to work.

It has literally leveled the playing field for me where writing is concerned, in fact, it has given me a distinct ADVANTAGE!

I suffer from profound dyslexia and severe word blindness.

However, the software allows me to write all of my own copy, and not only that but occasionally (if the subject interests me) I sell my services as a copywriter.

It’s not a cheap software, but neither is it that expensive either when you take a moment to consider what it can achieve for you.

I have been using this particular version every day for three years, which means it’s cost me just a few pennies every day.

It is my most VALUABLE investment into my income generating ability.

If you think that you can’t write, I know you can speak, so why not give this a try.

You may find, that like me, this software allows you to become really productive.

Click here to discover more about the voice-activated software I prefer to use…


Why not write books or even short lucrative reports?

A couple of years ago I started to write such short reports and e-books, my motivation was first to promote myself and attract new custom.

It worked really well and has been a great strategy for me.

Amazon Kindle books are the main way which I achieve this method of promoting myself, although there are many platforms on which you can promote yourself.

I soon discovered this could be a very hit or miss process.

If I got the title and genre right, used the RIGHT keywords, and gave it a good description I could attract an ongoing stream of new potential customers.

One short report sold consistently and built my list by 20 or 30 new prospects every week.

I counted this is a success.

However, others hardly got any attention at all.

Then I discovered the secret.

It’s a very helpful software package which tells me EXACTLY what keywords prospective buyers are typing into Amazon and Google to find the type of book or report I am planning on writing.

I multiply the chances of becoming successful before I start writing.

Not only that, but it also tells me how many other books and reports are competing for that same keyword.

Access to this information puts me LIGHT-YEARS ahead of the competition.

Since having this software, I have positively adjusted a few of my existing reports which are now working WONDERFULLY well.

I’ve also written two more short reports which not only drive me HUNDREDS of new subscribers each and every month.

These reports also generate a very HEALTHY income.

Profitable enough that I now know for certain that I could generate an envious FULL-TIME income from writing short reports and e-books alone.

If you’ve not considered writing to generate Kindle profit or attract new custom, you should check this out.

Click here to discover more about KDP Rocket…

Without a doubt, one of the most important aspects of writing is grabbing your potential reader’s ATTENTION!

While you have their interest, they will keep reading, and stay on your page!

To do this you will need to write compelling titles, and attention-grabbing headlines as well as subject lines that generate curiosity and get your emails opened.

Become good at writing these, and as you will soon discover, you will very quickly begin generating an exceptionally decent income.

Have you noticed:

It’s always easier to adapt and improve titles and headlines than it is to create them from scratch?

Well for me it is anyway.

Provide me with a little inspiration and quickly I’ll adapt and develop my ideas into a small arsenal compelling headline.

Just one headline idea usually blossoms into dozens of others!

So, I would like to introduce you to 2 INEXPENSIVE software packages that I use to gain my headline inspiration.

Type in virtually any subject you wish and the software will quickly harvest the most popular headline and titles on that subject it can find.

Sometimes, literally hundreds of them.

After just a couple of minutes gaining ideas, and borrowing bits from different headlines, I’m away.

Then, within 10 minutes or so I have usually written a few dozen of my own HIGHLY COMPELLING titles, headlines, and subject lines.

This is one of those pieces of software which is likely to stay with you for many years to come.

Check it out for yourself.

If you’re already on my email list, then I’m sure you’re aware that the way I do email is easy and friendly, but it is also highly effective and profitable.

If not, click here to subscribe…

Don’t listen to anyone who tells you differently, email is STILL the best way of generating ongoing profits, as you will continue to learn.

…ESPECIALLY if you are a member of my ‘Cutting Edge’ magazine.

Your most effective tool will be your:

Over the past 16 years, I have used a number of AR’s (Auto Responders) and found them to be all very similar.

Then a few years ago, I started to use one which favoured automation and tracked the interest of my subscribers, even on my webpages.

This provided me with a HUGE advantage.

It allowed me to segment my readers into narrow interests and then serve them emails specifically upon those subjects which obviously led to higher sales conversion.


For instance, if one of my subscribers visited one of my pages a number of times, this SMART piece of software tracked and recorded this fact, and it highlighted their interest in that subject.

Then, the same action would automatically trigger a sequence of emails which would generally lead to a purchase.

All of this I could program the AR to do for me automatically.

Another example:

I can track how many emails my subscribers have read, or had left unopened.

If after six weeks of so they still haven’t opened any of my emails, the auto responder will automatically send them an email trying to reengage them and recapture their interest.

This often worked and is a highly successful tactic to use.

If it didn’t, then they would automatically be removed from the list.

There is no point in paying for subscribers who don’t engage with you and will never buy anything, to stay on your list.

These two simple actions mean that my lists are HIGHLY ENGAGED, or what is known as a HOT list of subscribers.

These benefits are just the tip of the email marketing iceberg!

This is an exceptionally SMART piece of software which once programmed keeps my work to a minimum, while my profits to the very MAXIMUM!

Following these and other tactics which I share in my ‘Cutting Edge’ WFH magazine.

As a matter of interest:

I have managed to cull the size of one list down to approximately 20% of the original size, while at the same time increase its profitability by more than 900%.

I have simply removed the tyre kickers and used the technology to discover what it is they really want.

Enough said:

You must have a good auto responder, and there is none better than this one, click here to check it out…

There are literally dozens of ways of driving relevant traffic to your offer or website, here are the ones that I use and have MASTERED.

The software tool to which I’m about to introduce you is HIGHLY effective.

Using multiple keywords phrases, it goes out and finds conversations on social media, question sites, and in forums where your target market is discussing your exact keyword and subject.

You’re then in a position to join that conversation and add value, grab their attention and lead them into one of your conversion funnels.

Do this correctly and you will quickly switch on a flow of new and highly targeted traffic.

One such conversation recently added nearly 700 subscribers to one of my lists.

I usually send them to one of my articles on that subject which leads them to subscribe.

Once on my list, I’m now in a position to WOW them, add LOADS of ongoing value, gain their trust and build the relationship.

I’m well positioned to start generating income.

I tried to do 30 or 40 minutes commenting every day, and I have turned this into a daily practice.

Consistency is the key:

Make this a habit, and after a few weeks, you can watch your website traffic building up every day.

Another site I operate started to get 10 to 15 visitors a day after the first week.

By the end of month one that number and reach 100 to 150 visitors a day.

As your responses are static, they get listed in search engines, some of them, extremely prominently, so the traffic continues to increase.

This is so simple you can easily get others to do this for you.

Check out this amazing piece of software…

Please Note: video, especially engaging video will get watched and drive traffic to, where ever you need it.

Video, is watched far more than text is read simply because it is so much more engaging.

I only recently discovered this amazing piece of software.

It makes the video creation process quick and simple.

For someone who is painfully shy like me, who doesn’t like appearing on video, or even recording my voice.

The software I’m about to show you is wonderful.

Let me show you what it can do, just click here to watch this short video creation…

BTW: why not take their free no obligation trial and you will see for yourself just how good this software really is.

BTW: they have a free trial.

Just click here to discover more…

What follows is not so much software, as it’s what one of  my mentor taught me.

Yes, I still have mentors, we ALL NEED them.

I came to video marketing quite late on.

I soon learned that there are many ways of using video to drive traffic, and I have used two of them very successfully.

They are not difficult; however, they do keep on changing.


What worked last week, may not be working next week without some adaption.

For that reason, I am going to lead you to a site which will tell you EXACTLY how to do it, and it is kept up-to-date.

If something changes tomorrow, you’ll be notified and the instruction videos will be updated within a couple of days.

Click here to check it out…

Once you’ve learned how to direct a flow of traffic to your website, and then joining your email list.

Your next job is to start converting them.

However, much of this happens well before they arrive at your website, so, what follows are some of my most valuable of software tools.

I would like to start with an example.

let’s imagine you have a website, and sell products on losing weight!

It’s going to attract a LOT of interest, and some of your smaller lady subscribers will want to lose up to 20 lbs, which is a lot for them.

Others will need to lose more, perhaps between 20 – 60 lbs.

While large morbidly obese men may need to 150 – 200 lbs or even more!

Can you see the problem?

Same subject, COMPLETELY different challenge and solution.

They all need to be dealt with individually!

The problems and challenges of someone with up to 20 lbs to lose would be completely different to someone who is morbidly obese.

Also, the solution for a man is likely to be completely different to that of a woman.

There are lots more differences.

For that simple reason, we need to immediately segment our audience allowing us to deal more specifically with their challenge.

This is where quality ENGAGEMENT begins.

The more SPECIFIC you can be, the GREATER the profit I promise you’ll generally.

This is HUGE!

Get this bit right, and your sales will at LEAST quadruple.

Use the auto responder I referred to above will help you tag and segment your market place.

Use it in conjunction with this amazing software tool, which is responsible for dramatically increasing my sales conversion rate due to the reasons specified above.

It allows me to pre-segment everyone who joins my list as they subscribe.

This means I can immediately deliver EXACTLY what they want.

One size fit’s all, is a TERRIBLE, concept which rarely works.

The software I’m about to introduce you to is really quite incredible and is probably the tool most responsible for increasing my conversion sales.

Right now, this piece of software has a pay once lifetime discount. It’s not cheap until you realise that in the very first month this piece of software generated approximately five times its FULL cost in additional net income.

Then it becomes an EXCEPTIONALLY cheap, and a must have piece of software.

Click here to discover more about it…

I regularly reveal ways in which I use it in the ‘Cutting Edge’ magazine.

Everyone loves the opportunity to win something, or get something for nothing.

What follows is a complete system for attracting LOTS of new prospects without it costing a lot on promotions.

I’m not going to try and describe it because you need to see this for yourself:

Click here to discover more…

Have you heard it said that a good picture or image can say a thousand words which you don’t have room for?

There’s no doubt that copy which includes attractive and relevant images are far more popular in sales conversion and capturing emails than just text.

However, having graphics created for you can be exceptionally expensive. However, as always, there are a couple of easy options.

For many years I struggled with photoshop which for many designers is a full-time piece of software.

Then I discovered Laughing Bird, which is an online graphics application which provides me with hundreds of examples and templates which can be easily adapted for my needs.

It’s an EXCEPTIONALLY easy piece of software to master, especially if you’re prepared to invest a few hours playing with and learning how to use it.

It has a free level, although, because I use it on an almost daily basis, I use a paid version which provides me with tons of stock images as part of my package.

Click here to check it out…

My 2nd choice, and an excellent one is to use those creative individuals who sell their services on fiverr.

If I’m short of time, or even unsure how to do something, then I turned to fiverr and generally find a whole variety of individuals selling services to fit my needs.

Without doubt, some are far better than others, so read carefully what they’re offering and look at their examples and testimonials.

Usually, new gigs, as they are known, I turned around in just 24 to 48 hours.

I suggest you go and open your own fiverr account and then look around to see what they offer.

Click here to discover more about fiverr…

Before very long you are going to need products which you can offer to your prospects, that, or create your own.

I do both, although it took me a while before I created my own product.

But affiliate products and services are just great to fill this gap.

I suggest you start with this one 1st:

click on the below link to start your own new account.

This will give you access to the main affiliate area and here you will find hundreds of ideas and inspirations of areas where you can get started with your WFH business.

Click here to discover more…

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