How to Generate £100 per Day from Writing:

The Beginners Guide!

You may agree with me when I say the following sentence is a common misconception.

It takes many years to become proficient enough to generate an income from writing.

Or does it?

Actually, NO!

That’s completely WRONG!

There are MANY ways which you may never have considered of using words and basic writing skills to generate an enviable income.

I’m about to introduce you to some of them:

Even a beginner can soon start enjoying very positive results.

In this article I’ll turn that thinking on its head:

Discover Many Lucrative Possibilities!

I’ll be introducing you to a few select, tried, tested and proven WFH (work from home) profit generating techniques.

Methods that can be quickly rolled out and established.

They all EASILY have the potential to generate £100 per day income streams.

These, with an initial effort, can be established quite quickly.

Let’s make £100 per day is our first aim.

Then, you can scale them up as much as you desire.

Just stay open-minded:

Be prepared to adapt and think outside the envelope.

There are many unique streams and ways of generating an income from writing.

This article will introduce you to the best of them.

Don’t be surprised if they inspire you to get started.

Upgrade Your Present Lifestyle!

I was going to call this section:

How to generate a full-time living from writing.

However, I then considered that many people are not so interested in learning how to generate a full-time income.

So much as:

Not losing money, and feeling stupid from doing so.

Most of us are naturally cautious.

We would prefer to start by:

Generating a little extra money from the comfort of our own home.

Generally, we want to progress slowly.

Until we become sure of ourselves and our new income generating abilities.

When we see out full potential we start thinking big.

That’s SMART thinking.


You Can Start VERY Part Time!

Explore if it’s something you want to develop:

No need to give up your existing employment just to get started.

That would be stupid!

For many people, this would be too much of a risk and a commitment, and I would agree.

I totally understand your concern!

So, let’s explore a few profitable options and possibilities.

Options to generate either a part- or full-time income.

All You Need is Internet Access and Free Time.

This means you can work from anywhere.

If part-time seems a good option.

Then all you need to get started is just 5-10 spare hours a week.

This will allow you to rapidly and consistently progress.

Some people begin generating profit really quickly, and so could you.

Just remember it’s not a race.

You can start slowly and at your own speed.

Or, if you prefer, work fulltime at establishing yourself.

Everyone has the potential to totally replace their present income within a few months from now.

I did it, and so can you!

This is VERY possible:

Pick and Focus on JUST One Strategy!

Now for something completely UNEXPECTED!

Below is the most common recipe for WFH failure:

Trying everything, achieving NOTHING!

Not being SERIOUS!

Failure is easy, it’s what most people do.

You I hope are NOT MOST individuals?

If you’ve read this far, you certainly have what it takes to be successful!

So, here’s the main beginners secret for unlimited financial success.

Choose one strategy, method or technique.

Develop a laser focus and 100% get behind it.

Don’t allow yourself to be distracted!

Just do it. Work at it.

Stay focused.

Remember this:

If just one other person is generating profit it, then so can you!

They become your role model.

So NEVER give up.

Learn to overcome obstacles.

We ALL get them:

Believe in yourself!

Once you have mastered one method of generating ongoing profits.

Then is the time to rinse and repeat and learn another technique.

Do this, and quite soon you will have a mixture of ways of generating your income.

This is a smart action.

The Easy Way of Finding a Profitable WFH Niche!

The big problem for most individuals is finding a strategy to get started.

One which is tried and tested and proven to be a profitable winner.

One which you can also do and tap into.

I know your needs:

You want to see the step-by-step big picture and potential in advance.

You’re looking for a low-risk low investment project that offers HIGH POTENTIAL returns.

If that’s what you want…

Here is The Simple Solution!

If you want to discover the step-by-step process of QUICKLY establishing your own profit streams.

Then here you are, the tried, tested and proven solution.

It’ll work for ANYONE who is interested enough to get behind them.

So, you can immediately begin benefiting, everything is conveniently stored in your own private membership.

You can access it from ANYWHERE you have Internet.

This (Work from Home) membership solution is called: the ‘Cutting Edge’ Magazine: Discover more…

It will deliver you a new WFH (work from home) moneymaking tip and techniques, as well as strategies and idea every month.

Strategies you can follow and use to generate almost instant income.

Upon subscription, to my email list, I’ll give you a strategy that my friend generated a net £5k profit from in her FIRST month.

Click to subscribe…

She achieved this from a standing start!

I hope this fact captured your attention, it should.

This is a no-brainer solution to:

  • Generating Greater Income!
  • More Free Time!
  • True Job Enjoyment!
  • Working from the Comfort of Your Own Home!
  • Doing the Hours Which Suit You and Your Family!
  • Living a far better lifestyle!

…and so much more.

Discover More…


If you can’t make money from the ideas and guidance you get from ‘Cutting Edge’, then I am sorry to say you are probably not cut out to work for yourself.

Everyone’s Worried About Losing Money.

For this reason, I have kept the cost of the ‘Cutting Edge’ membership to learn these skills so low, it isn’t even a serious consideration.

To discover more, and my story how I got started in the WFH business, just click here.

Below are 6 More Tried and Tested WFH Strategies!

I suggest that you consider using a combination of them.

The first three ideas are old favorites you can rely upon.

They will also attract relevant and related prospects and potential customers if you do them correctly.

These are just outlines.

Remember you can discover more by joining ‘Cutting Edge’: Discover more…

Technique 1: SEO marketing!

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization.

This basically means through the use of keywords and other (Optimised Search Engine) tactics that you will gain listings in Google’s SERP’s (search engine result pages).

Listings which will lead to developing your own highly valuable cyber real-estate.

These can be used in a number of ways to generate lucrative and ON-GOING income streams.

I have quite a number of such properties generating ongoing income streams.

Once you get them listed in a high position in Google, then it’s easy to maintain or improve their rankings.

Some keywords and keyword phrases get searched in Google literally thousands and thousands of times every month.

So, if you can gain a first page listing for such keywords you will attract a lot of relevant buyers and new customers.

As a result, generate a VERY good income.

The top three positions for any keyword or keyword phrase on page one of Google’s listings is where you want to be.

They capture approximately 93% of the CTR (Click Through Rate) for that specific keyword, so this is the PRIME location.

However, I have a little trick I have been using successfully for quite a while.

It’s tried, tested and proven to work every time.

Wherever you are listed on the first page you’ll grab 90% plus of the attention and potential CTR.

Technique 2: Video Marketing

One of my very favorite techniques for driving volumes of relevant traffic is video marketing.

You may be wondering what video marketing has got to do with writing?

If so, let me tell you that a quality video starts its life with the creation of a quality video script which has to be written.

I came to video marketing quite late but have had a great mentor to coach me through the process and I am about to share him with you.

Take advantage of this guy because the cost of his coaching site is a steal.

His resource site revealed every secret to rapidly creating literally thousands of videos which drive me a stream of traffic every day.

I can use this technique for driving national or international streams of traffic for literally ANY keyword.

Or, and far more interestingly.

I can use it to dominate the keywords surrounding a local marketplace, or series of similar marketplaces.

In fact, as soon as I have a few decent posts on this, my Faith Pepper site, then I will start using this very technique to drive traffic and potential new prospects.

You may have in fact arrived here today via my video marketing campaign.

If you would like to discover more about video marketing, and I seriously suggest that you do so.

Then, below is a link to my mentor’s site.

Click here to discover more…

Technique 3: Income from Blogging

This is a blog post that you’re reading right now.

In fact, this is quite a healthy length post of more than 3,000 words.

However, some of my sites use much shorter posts.

So, don’t be intimidated by the length of copy, just concentrate on quality.

I have two article objectives which are simple:

  1. to prove I know what I’m talking about.
  2. to make this page a valuable resource for you and other related visitors.

As I write this article, it’s my very first post and there is no traffic yet.

Quite soon, however, and using some of the tactics and strategies I have described.

I would expect to have at least 1,000 visitors coming to this site each and every week.

Perhaps every day after a while!

I would further expect to subscribe a minimum of 20% – 25% of all visitors to my email lists.

Here I can provide them with even more value.

Can you see the potential?

How do I make my money?

In a number of ways.

The first being my inexpensive monthly membership ‘Cutting Edge’ which already (at the time of writing) has in excess of 500 members.

That number will grow quite rapidly.

I also generate a healthy profit from the resources I suggest you use (the ones which I used to make my living) to which I’m affiliated.

Most profitable of all are my mail lists.

These generate a healthy profit every month of the year.

I cover the precise steps for starting your own blog in one of my membership strategies which will shortcut the whole process for you.

Click here to discover more…

The great thing about blogging is that you can easily start your own on virtually any subject or niche that you wish.

There are many ways of attracting your audience, so quite quickly you can make it very busy.

Best of all, however strong the competition in this particular niche, you can bring something different to it.

If your readers and visitors like your style, and the way you share relevant information they will likely follow you and subscribe to your email list.

Can you see the potential?

I hope so because it’s HUGE.

This is my third blog, and it’s a wonderful way of generating an income.

More about my membership…

Words, words, and more WORDS!

Copywriting for a living…

If you’re interested in developing writing skills?

Then a very obvious way of generating a living is by writing commercial copy.

If you take the time to market yourself and get your name out there you can soon build up a customer base.

There are so many companies who regularly need copy creating for them.

Just work out a way of finding them.

This could be on a variety of subjects or requirements.

Although sales letters are going to figure prominently amongst your requests, and also sales videos.

Creating high-quality sales videos is so much easier than you ever thought possible.

Here is a link to the free issue of ‘Cutting Edge’ highlighting the software which will allow you to build high-quality videos in just minutes.

Occasionally, I will write copy for other people if the subject interests me.

So, I already know the question that you’re asking in your mind right now.

What Can be Earned?

I think I am mid-range priced.

This really comes down to what you want to earn and what your prospective customer is prepared to pay.

I don’t really need the work so:

I charge £250 per A4 page, and generally, my average job price is above £700.

Very few prospects refuse me at that price.

To take this a step further:

If I was serious and concentrated on building this side of my business, I would consistently expect to be busy and finish a minimum of four pages a day.

I am certain that before long I would have a queue of customers and more work than I could handle.

Yes, there’s lots of money in copywriting, especially if you take the time to get good at it.

Consider this possibility carefully.

Writing for Kindle!

Now here is a real possibility.

There is no reason why you shouldn’t make a small fortune in this market because lots of others have already gone before you.

Just remember for all kinds of quality literature there is a constant demand.

The marketplace has an insatiable appetite.

The fact is, you can write and market your book in digital or paperback format through Amazon Kindle.

The best bit is that it won’t cost you a penny to do so.

Zero cost, MAMMOTH potential!

You set the cost, and Amazon will gladly partner with you and take care of delivery, payments, etc.

All the bits you can really do without.

Writing a bestseller would be nice and very possible.

More likely and far more possible is this strategy:

Experiment and write a short story and sell it for just £1, or even give it away for noting.

At this point, all you’re doing is experimenting and testing the marketplace.

Your objective is to build an audience and engage them by email or by a Facebook page, etc.

All simple stuff to achieve:

Gain feedback and testimonials.

Keep them engaged, and then begin teasing them with your next book and gain their interest.

In this way, and by constantly using the same strategy you will build an audience.

They will already like your writing and look forward to your next offering.

I have a friend who has a CLOSE friend who used this exact process.

He started with Kindle about two years ago.

This year he’s generated in excess of £60,000 profit.

You could easily do the same!

At this point, even if he didn’t write another book he would probably carry on generating nice profits every month for many years to come.

This would be due to the momentum he has already established.

As you can see, it is very possible and probable that with a small effort you can generate a very nice residual income from writing books and short stories on Kindle.

Now the financial success and real skill are in finding the right title before you even start writing.

If you’re interested in this topic I have a link to a tool that will make it really easy for.

Click here to discover more…

I know this because I have already invested in it, and am considering writing a new book at this moment.

Without this software, the process would be so much harder.

So, click here to check it out for yourself…

Creating Short and Profitable Reports!

Staying on the topic of Kindle and the HUGE potential it offers.

If you’re an individual who wants to write and create a compelling copy?

Then, I have another possibility that interests me a great deal also!

A probability I will almost certainly take advantage of in the very near future.

In fact, now its lodged in the forefront of my mind, it will probably be my next project.

The type of short report I am referring to would be 1,000 to 8,000 words in length.

Exceptionally easy and conversational to write.

Probably a day or two days’ work at most.

The distinguishing factor between a report and a book would be the length of the copy.

Plus, I would lay it out on A4 (letter) sized paper and expect the purchaser to print it out for reference.

For that reason, I would leave room for the reader to make side notes as they read.

I would also make a big thing of the benefits such a report would deliver to the investor.

The name ‘report’, I feel, implies brevity and a concise, no-nonsense, straight-to-the-point tutorial.

This is what I would aim to create.

I would also write if from a ‘do it with me’ perspective.

The value to the potential reader is that it would get directly to the point and saves the reader masses of time.

Financial Potential:

Please imagine for a moment:

You were offered a juicy and specific report on a subject that had always interested you.

Something you have always wanted to master:

It promises to save you hours of valuable time.

Best of all, if used as directed, it guarantees you positive financial results.

Would you be prepared to pay £5, £10 or £12 for a copy?

Some individuals certainly would!

If I made a good job of marketing and promoting it, a LOT of people would!

The chances are you would certainly want to know more.

Then, as soon as you landed on my sales page, it would automatically add you to my re-marking list.

Then reminders about this valuable report would start showing up everywhere you went.

This tactic would dramatically increase my potential to make a sale.

I could also promote other related reports to you in the same way.

Kindle will promote your report, it’s in their interest to do so.

They have a MASSIVE ready-made and related market which they hope will be interested in purchasing it.

The fact is, with just a little bit of marketing know-how, it would be easy to build up a constant stream of buyers.

More importantly, it’s not difficult to create a small portfolio of reports all generating an on-going income for you.

Just one short report could add an additional income stream which could make a world of difference to the financial position of some individuals.

Does this possibility capture your interest?

Then you need to check this out.

Click here to discover more…

Other Writing Possibilities!

To conclude this article:

I recently came across a really interesting post where someone had done some very thorough research related to this very subject.

They’ve listed all of the main sites that give you the potential to go out today and start generating almost instant cash by writing short copy for certain websites.

It would be great for the experience if nothing else.

If you’re interested, click here to discover more…

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