Welcome to Issue: 1

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Welcome to this the first issue of cutting edge.

Whether you’re a beginner, or have some experience and just need guidance to become profitable, there will be something in every issue that will help you to either get started or grow your WFH (work from home) profits.

All you have to do is put it into action!

As you can see this issue contains a good mixture of WFH money making topics to get you up and running.

Every month this information will become gradually more advanced.

It will give you food for thought without overwhelming you.

So, take your time, and start formulating what it is you want to do.

The type of money stream that attracts you.

If you’re already making profits?

Then the same information will help you improve them and generate more.

Enjoy the Magazine.


Questions & Suggestions

If you want to contact me for whatever reason you can do so by clicking on the below contact me button.

Please be as specific as you can.

I usually answer quite quickly, but if I am away it might take longer.


To discover the tools and resources which I use and will make generating online income so much easier, and more certain.

As well as much quicker and loads more fun, just click the below resources button.

Useful FREE Tools

To keep me at the cutting edge of my trade, furnish me with great material for use in my blogs and email. …and supply me with tons of GREAT IDEAS.

I use a simple and totally UNDERUTILISED service.

Google Alerts

You can investigate Google Alerts by Clicking Here…

Alerts are really simple to set up.

As you can see, all you have to do is set up the keyword you want to be searched.

BTW: you can set up AS MANY Google alerts as you wish, without restriction.

I have set this one to search under the categories news, blogs, and the entire web.

I have stipulated that I only want one delivery of emails a day, and of course only the best results.

It then delivers my results directly to my inbox by email.

How convenient!

The image shows just a small sample of what I get for that particular keyword.

Some days, I get dozens of links.

Some are not at all relevant, some are TRUE GEMS.

Another BIG benefit is that every alert carries both a Facebook and Twitter link.

This means that I can repost the best material directly onto my Facebook fan page, or relevant Twitter account.

Getting started with Google alerts takes just minutes, and use correctly elevate you to another league.

Potential Profits Are Everywhere!

A couple of years ago, an on-line WFH friend was inspired by one of my profit streams.

She liked the fact that I had a low cost paid email list.

I offered some very valuable information, in the form of four emails (one a week) in return for just £5 every month.

It’s a really GREAT formula for generating residual income.

I offered EXCEPTIONAL value and quickly attracted a paying audience of over 1,000 plus.

The cost was just £5, and VERY few people unsubscribed.

Best of all was that it only took me 3 or 4 hours a month to run!

£5,000 a month residual income for such a short investment of time is EXCELLENT!

For this reason, I encourage you to give serious thought to a paid email list.

My friend took it a step further!

Telling and Making Fortunes


She had recognised that the psychic marketplace had lots of potential profits.

So, combining my idea with her own, she started a FREE list and delivered 3 short readings a week.

She had never written psychic material before, but because it is so ambiguous, she found it easy.

Using her NLP skills, she kept every reading positive and upbeat.

Every message/reading encouraged the recipient to take constructive life-improving actions.

Her writing proved REALLY POPULAR and her list started to rapidly grow.

I should have mentioned that rather than building an email list, she chose to use Facebook messenger and ManyChat.

It is an ideal tool for delivery because her messages were really short, and the open rate is generally above 90%.

How Did She Generate Profits?

At first, she thought she would sell affiliate products.

Then she had a REALLY good idea.

At the bottom of each short reading, she would write ‘you should be PARTICULARLY aware of this…’ Learn more…

Or, something similar.

Would that provoke your curiosity?

Of course, this link was clicked 100% of the time, and it led to a simple sales page, encouraging them to upgrade to her paid readings.

£5 is nothing!

It’s an easy decision to make.

Her conversion rate was around 60%.

The paid readings were the same as the free ones, PLUS, a few paragraphs of HIGH-LEVEL coaching disguised as psychic predictions.

Copying my pricing structure, she charged just £5 a month, whereas similar services charged so much more.

In just six months she built a paid list of over 4,300 keen readers!

Her only cost was ManyChat (a Facebook messenger or to autoresponder bot) which cost her approximately £50 per month.

Learn more about ManyChat…

She also sold a TON of affiliate products which added another 20% to her monthly profits.

Her residual income model was generating over £25k a month!


How could you adapt this model?

I promise you, there are thousands of potential possibilities just waiting for you to exploit them.

Have fun.


Saving Time

As this is the first issue of ‘Cutting Edge’ I want to share with you one of my most important tools.

This will help prepare you for success!

It will save you hours of frustration and help you become more effective.

Best of all, it’s FREE!

After a while, you are likely to have a number of projects running, and even more which you are considering.

This means you’re going to make notes, LOTS of notes!

You’re also going to do a lot of research.

So, of course, you need a method of filing all of this overwhelming amount of information.

More importantly, then finding it quickly when you need it.

So, let me introduce you to Evernote:

Click here to discover more…

One of my favorite Evernote features is their clipper app.

It sits snugly in my browser toolbar.

Then anytime I see an article or an image I think will become useful, I can record a link.

Or, the whole article and place it directly into the notebook of my choice.

I can even crop a small section of an image I want to capture, and clipper does it for me.

My Evernote has literally HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of pages of my thoughts, ideas, projects, and research.

I refer to it on a daily basis.

Due to the tags I add I can find any and every bit of information I require with a few taps of the keys.

Not only that, but it synchronizes across all of my devices and my information is always there, the moment I need it.

Remember, IT’S FREE, however, if you want to synchronise across more than two devices you will have to do upgrade VERY inexpensively.

Using Evernote, you will be able to remember and find EVERYTHING!

Staying Focused

When you start a new WFH business, there is a lot you need to learn and master.

It’s the same journey for all of us.

For this reason, it’s so very easy to become overwhelmed and frustrated.

Even after sixteen years of working for myself, it still happens to me occasionally.

Here’s the solution:

Whether you’re a beginner or more advanced, choose one thing to learn at a time, and master it!

Just stick with it until the end.

Don’t allow yourself to get distracted, or start looking at something else.

I have learned that the more focused I am, the more I achieve, and the more profit I generate.


Learning something new, and mastering a new skill takes as long as it takes.

Some individuals assimilate new information really quickly.

As for me, well, let’s just say that I’m a bit slower, but that’s not a problem.

Once I learn it, I can do it in half the time, then a few days later, what took me hours now takes me minutes.

Mastering a new skill is investing in your future profit-generating ability.

Don’t allow yourself to get frustrated!

Your Most Valuable Asset!

This is the relationship you develop with your email list!

I have already said that there is wealth in words, and now I’ll prove it to you.

85% of my income comes from email!

Forget any hype or reports you may have seen about email becoming less responsive!

It’s NOT, in fact, far from it!

The people who write this twaddle, don’t know how to use it.

Used correctly, your email will help you build long-term trusting relationships which convert your subscribers into BUYERS!

Look after them and your subscribers are likely to stay with you for years.

They will generate your income on a monthly or more regular basis.

The industry average claims that for every subscriber you have in your email list, you should generate 50p profit per month.

So, if you have two thousand subscribers, you should make 1,000 pounds from your list each and every month.

I can do better than that!

Not trying to blow my own trumpet, but to encourage and inspire you, so, I’d like to share with you my own statistics:

I have one very small list of four hundred subscribers which generates me a minimum of £7 per subscriber every month.

If you haven’t already worked it out, that’s £2,800 in net profits every month.

It takes me 4 or 5 hours a month at most to keep these subscribers happy, engaged and purchasing.

I have another list of 790 HIGHLY ENGAGED subscribers on another list.

Last month, while on holidays, in fact, from the beach using my iPad, I sent them an email offer with a VERY generous time-limited discount.

It was quite an expensive item.

The result being, while enjoying the sun in Turkey, in the first 4 hours I generated $4,000+ in commissions.

Before the offer closed 4 days later my commission had swollen to $18,800!

Not bad for 10 minutes work.

This meant every subscriber to this list was worth $23.80 that month.

I hope that this highlights that you don’t need a large list to generate a VERY full-time income from it.

In the forthcoming issues, I’ll show you exactly how to do the same or better.

Enough said!

For now, get started by writing a short email every day and very soon you’ll be writing emails that your subscribers want to read.

Optimise for Mobile!


More than 60% of your website visits are on now on smartphones and tablets!

For that reason make certain you have an adaptive site theme otherwise your potential custom won’t say on your website for very long!

Attracting Visitors

There are dozens of ways of driving targeted traffic to your website, or your profit generating offer.

I’ll be dealing with lots of them in future issues.

This is one of my favorites, simply because I’m helping people who are asking questions directly related to my subject.

It allows me to jump right in and comment on relevant conversations.

The quality of traffic IS EXCEPTIONAL!

This traffic has a very high conversion to both emails and sales!

Exactly what we need.

The effect of using it is accumulative.

The comments I make continues to accrue and over time the amount of traffic it generates carries on increasing.

Also, the back links help to generate higher page rank in Googles SERP’s (search engine results pages).

There are also many other benefits, to many to mention here.

It’s called: Buzz Bundle, and it’s a social media management and reputation tool.

It allows me to be everywhere my target market is hanging out, and do the work of 20 VA’s (Virtual Assistants)!

You can learn more about it by clicking here…

I was going to make you a video on it, and I might make one on specifically how I use it in another issue.

Also, I found one I think you’ll find interesting.

So, right now, I have two links which will tell you EVERYTHING you need to know about this valuable tool.

Click here to see their features page…

Or you can watch this excellent video which will give you a really good overview.

It’s a few years old, but very little has changed.

Click here to watch the video…

Buzzbundle is not a free tool, but as far as I am concerned it is the best investment into getting QUALITY traffic I have found.

I think the ROI (return on investment) was so high, my copy paid for itself in the first week.

I have now been using it for 4 years!

Right now Buzz Bundle is at the lowest cost you will get it, click here to discover more…

Wealth from Words

Whatever your business, you will need to develop your writing skills!

Or, get someone to do it for you, and that can be expensive.

With an online business, writing is EVEN MORE important, as everything starts with words.

Whether your writing a proposal, email, blog page or the script for a video, words are ALWAYS the starting point.

So, this is a skill you should MASTER!

But I can’t write!

Yes, I hear that quite a lot.

Most people think this.

More accurately, you just haven’t taken the time to develop those skills, or, you’ve probably been doing it the hard way.

So, in every issue, I’m going to give you new simple and valuable tips that will soon have you writing like a copywriting pro.

It’s A VERY SIMPLE solution, the more you write, the better you will become.

So, start writing something every day!

Just a few hundred words, and get into the habit.

If nothing else, just write your thoughts in journal format.

You don’t have to show them to anyone.

Write a page a day, or better still, a 300- or 400-word email.

You don’t have to send it out, just write it.

Then, after a week or so, go back and read your first efforts and you will see how much you’ve advanced.

You’ll also have far more confidence, as that’s what you’re lacking right now.

If you’re SERIOUS? You will see the value of this advice.

Today, I’m going to give you a very simple solution to accelerating your writing skills.

Okay, here’s your first big tip.

Forget everything you learned in your English classes at school.

Spelling and punctuation are important, but grammar, not so much.

Here is a simple and FREE solution to help you with this.

It’s called Grammarly, and I use it all of the time, even as I’m writing this.

Here is the link to discover more, just click here…

Second tip:

Write as you speak!

Just imagine you’re chatting with your friends or family.

Write short paragraphs, three lines is enough, and even shorter sentences.

That will keep you busy until the next issue when I have a load more tips for you!

The Social Media Spot!

To generate an online income, we need customers!

Lots of customers.

It’s a very simple equation:

The more prospects and potential customers we attract, the more income we’ll generate!

To fuel that ongoing requirement, we need to develop a following of potential purchase ready prospects.

Let’s call this the pipeline.

Keeping it full so you have a constant drip of new customers is a good idea.

This is the lifeblood of any business large, small or WFH!

This is where social media comes into the equation.

It’s a great way of attracting an audience, and potential new customers.

Do it correctly and you could attract hundreds, thousands, or even HUNDREDS of thousands of them.

Once we have learned how to attract them, then we can begin the process of turning them into customers.

This is the fun bit which will come later.

There are many ways of using social media to attract new clients.

I use three or four of the main ones, although there are literally hundreds.

However, when it comes to harvesting a large volume of new prospects, I have found Facebook to be the best source.

So, in this issue, we are going to discover how to set up the first step in this process.

We’re going to establish a Facebook business page or fan page, they go by a few different names.

The great thing is this, you can have as many business pages as you wish, without restriction or cost.

So, feel free to play and have fun!

The best way of learning anything is by playing and experimenting, and that’s exactly what I suggest you do.


What I would like you to do before the next issue is to create AT LEAST one Facebook business page of your own.

Create it on any subject that attracts you, the only restriction is your own imagination.

Play with it, and learn as much as you can about it.

Don’t worry you can’t break it.

I know you’ll have fun.

In the next issue, I’ll show you one method of attracting visitors, or page LIKES.

To show you how to set up the page I borrowed Darrel Eves video.

Click here to watch the video…

To design your Facebook header, I suggest that you use Canva to help you.

It’s really easy to use and they have a free version which will also give you some free Facebook templates which you can quickly adapt using Canva.

If you want some help learning Canva here is an absolute beginners’ video:

Click here to watch the video…

Be careful, it HIGHLY ADDICTIVE!

Click here to discover more about Canva…


Creating Video

There’s no doubting the power of video to drive traffic and entertain your visitors.

It’s certainly something you should seriously consider mastering.

A video is a quick and easy way of getting your message out, and the public enjoys this type of medium.

For me, appearing on video has always been problematic!

You see, I’m an exceptionally shy and a VERY private person.

I don’t even like having my picture taken.

I even go red with embarrassment when speaking to strangers.

Neither do I like recording my voice.

However, like all things, there is ALWAYS a way, in fact, there are many answers.

The solution was simple!

At first, I used to make PowerPoint videos, and then get my sister to record the audio.

Then, I discovered computer synthesised voice!

What a revelation.

I’ll give you an example of this in just a moment.

Powerpoint video’s, although EXCELLENT, took quite a while to make.

Although the results were always worth it and drove a consistent flow of traffic to my website.

Then I discovered the ULTIMATE solution in making quick and effective video’s which I’m about to show you.

It’s at LEAST 10 or 20 times quicker than my original method.

All I have to do is write out my script.

The programme then adds these words to the slides and also includes the images it feels are appropriate.

However, I can change these if I wish and have a huge selection of replacement images to chose from.

Then, and only when I am happy with the slides, I choose a voice.

I have a selection of men and women’s voices to pick from.

It all works really quickly!

Two minutes later the program offers me a preview of my finished video.

At this point, I can still adapt or fine tune my video creation.

The below video took me 5 – 10 minutes to make from start to finish:

Click here to watch the video…

What do you think?

Check this amazing program out for yourself, just click here to discover more…

BTW: right now, they have a FREE trial, so you can take it for a no obligation test drive.

In every issue of ‘Cutting Edge’, I’ll be providing you powerful video tips so you can quickly use video to make a great first impression.

Make your own tutorial videos.

Or, as I do, use them to drive volumes of traffic to my websites.

Have fun!

Working from home is a privilege you can’t put a price on!

As Promised:

"Easy to Use, and Every Issue is FULL of Profit Generating Advise!"

If you’re SERIOUS about establishing your own Laptop or (work from home) lifestyle, then this little online magazine will help you become profitable faster than you ever will alone.

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